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Name: Benison International
Established: JUNE 1991
Chairman: Moin Rashid
Chief Executive Officer: Mamunur Rahman
Chief, Airport Operations: S H M Jamshed
No. of Employees: 87
  Unit A1, Plot # 11/A, Road # 96,
  Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Telephone: +88 02 8881293, +88 02 9886084
Facsimile: +88 02 8881287, +88 02 8829367
Email: management@benisongroup.com
Current Services
  01. Flight Support Services
  02. Manpower Support Services
Details of Services
  01. Flight Support Services
Landing Permit for any Airport in Bangladesh from Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB)
Supervising Cargo/Pallet Handling (load & offload) using Standard Ground Handling Equipment
Supervising/Assisting in Cargo Palletizing / De- palletizing
Supervising Aircraft Ground Handling Services & Equipment
Provide Met Folder (as available from CAAB)
Provide Route NOTAMS (as available by CAAB)
Filling & Obtaining ATC local Flight Plan and ADC for on time Flight Departure
Provide General Declaration for Crew members
Local co-ordination for Refuelling on time
Co-ordination with Catering & Hotel
Co-ordination with DAC Area/Tower Controls
Crew handling
All Email Messages & Co-ordination for smooth operation (MVT, FFM,CPM,LDM,UCM)
Other Flight Related Services
  02. Manpower Services
Specialized Manpower
General Manpower
Direct Recruitment by Client
Head Hunting
Customization to match Client’s Requirement
Record Keeping
Additional Support
Experience & Capacities
Consumer Product
Travel Agency
International Trading
Logistic Support
Airline Representation as GSA/Certified Agent
Please feel free to contact us for any query – Thank You
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