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Name: Benison International
Established: JUNE 1991
Chairman: Moin Rashid
Chief Executive Officer: Mamunur Rahman
Corporate Address: Level 01, Plot 1137, Road 11, Avenue 8,
  DOHS Mirpur, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh.
Telephone: +880 9617171778-9
Email: management@benisongroup.com
Current Services
  01. International Courier Services
  02. Manpower Support Services
  03. Flight Support Services
Details of Current Services:
  01. International Courier Services Agent of Bluorbit Logistics & Courier
Document deliveries
Parcel deliveries
Shipment deliveries
Local deliveries
Customs clearances
  02. Flight Support Services
Landing Permit for any Airport in Bangladesh from Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB)
Supervising Cargo/Pallet Handling (load & offload) using Standard Ground Handling Equipment
Supervising/Assisting in Cargo Palletizing / De- palletizing
Supervising Aircraft Ground Handling Services & Equipment
Provide Met Folder (as available from CAAB)
Provide Route NOTAMS (as available by CAAB)
Filling & Obtaining ATC local Flight Plan and ADC for on time Flight Departure
Provide General Declaration for Crew members
Local co-ordination for Refuelling on time
Co-ordination with Catering & Hotel
Co-ordination with DAC Area/Tower Controls
Crew handling
All Email Messages & Co-ordination for smooth operation (MVT, FFM,CPM,LDM,UCM)
Other Flight Related Services
  02. Manpower Services
Specialized Manpower
General Manpower
Direct Recruitment by Client
Head Hunting
Customization to match Client´┐Żs Requirement
Record Keeping
Additional Support
Experience & Capacities
Consumer Product
Travel Agency
International Trading
Logistic Support
Airline Representation as GSA/Certified Agent
Please feel free to contact us for any query – Thank You
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